بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
FOREWORD by Fatima Sharif
When Karimah first asked me to write the foreword for ‘Sacred Sunnah Super Foods’, I was taken aback by the honour of presenting such a vital and essential work. She told me it was because I turned down a place at Oxford to read English literature to study Arabic language instead.
Few modern works have encapsulated the sacred nature of fruits that are given special mention in the Quran, the word of Allah (God). Karimah’s work will undoubtedly leave a mark in Islamic contribution to healthy and holistic eating In Sha Allah (God willing).


The book in your hand at this very moment is the labour of three years of dedication and refinement: treasure it, cherish it, and pass it on to your loved ones. Inside, Karimah has taken special care to enliven 17 Quranic fruits through her awe-inspiring drawings. This dynamic book also includes Quranic quotes, reference from the classical scholars Ibn Jawziyyah (ra) and As-Suyuti (ra). As a qualified nutritionist, Karimah has also included cutting edge nutrition information on each food. Whether you’re a mother, student, or simply curious about Quranic food, you’re in the right place! Revive your prophetic eating now.
Having worked with Karimah as a volunteer for ‘Feed the Need London’ and in a more close capacity as a personal assistant, I have witnessed this bud find its way to fruition steadily and had the benefit of seeing first-hand how crucial Quranic eating is to our health — a benefit we often overlook in the modern day. This is a timely and ever-needed contribution to healthy eating inspired uniquely by foods only in the Holy Quran. If you’ve, ever wondered why these foods are alluded to by Allah, then look no further.

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