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Karimah’s Cuisina is a registered faith based well-being non-profit company, constituted as a charity.
We are passionate about sharing information and experiences relative to alternative medicine and Islamic medicine, nutrition, the environment and Islam as Holistic Way of Life, A Complete Way of Life.
Our outputs are as diverse and dynamic as we are; some of our previous activities include:-

  • Ramadhan Bites, Islam Channel TV series SKY channel.
  • A Series of cooking programmmes for Ramadhan TV, Mercy Mission
  • Live Below the Line , Global Povery project,Made In Europe, interviews BBC Asian Network. S- Channel TV., Riverside Radio.
  • Farm the City, one day festival in Meanwhile Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea, promoting growing in urban spaces.
  • Lectures on Islamic medicine for Open Age Kensington & Chelsea
  • Lectures on Islamic wellbeing  at the Khadijah conference, Stockholm
  • Lectures on Ramadhan nutrition for Emerald Network, Zakat House.
  • Raw food workshop for children of Olive Tree Montessori School.
  • Articles on Islamic Nutrition for Halal Food Foundation, Muslim Matters , Jeddah Blog, Emel Magazine, Sisters Magazine, Islamique Magazine.
  • Feed The Need, Feeding the Homeless in Central London, cooking healthy meals from scratch meat or vegetarian and distributing on London streets to mainly non-Muslim service users. This has been delivered regularly, monthly or bi-monthly for over 4 years(amended 2016) maashallah. Most of our volunteers have their Food Health and Hygiene Qualification, paid for by our fundraising and support from The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council.


Our founders are Karimah bint Dawoud, is a Muslim Chaplin and author of “Heavenly Bites, the Best of Muslim Home Cooking” cook book. This book won the Gormound Award in Paris France for being best Arab cook book, 2013.Karimah is also a qualified Clinical Nutritionist.
Jameela Eden is another of our directors, as well as being a natural cosmetics fanatic , she is a health trainer in a central London Boroughs.
Saleema Root is our treasurer and qualified aroma therapist and masseur.
We have a quality core of loyal all-star volunteers who range from university students to teachers, social workers and child minders as well as a landscape gardener and personal trainer. They are the backbone of our organisation. While contributing their value time and skills, are also enhancing their CV’s by their participation in our peak experience opportunities.
Our ongoing projects are all encompassing of holistic awareness of recycling and consciousness of the environment, working with farms and community gardens;locally , nationally and internationally alhmdulilah maasha’Allah. 


BBC Asian Network Radio Live Below the Line
BBC Asian Network Radio Live Below the Line

For more information about us or if you would like to become a member /volunteer please contact us at karimahscuisinaa@gmail.com Thank You

12 Comments Add yours

  1. I really stumbled upon this website and amazed by content and the tought process. Please keep the good work up. May Allah give you more energy and faith!

  2. Farah Mahbub says:

    Simply love your blog …which is funny since I don’t cook but love good food cooked by a friend. Wishing you all the best … much love and duas

  3. Asma says:

    As Salamu alaykom Alhumdulil’Allah a wonderful initiative may Allah subhana wa ta’ala give you success with all your initiatives. I am just wondering how a woman in Islam can be a chaplain? As well, have you been formally trained as an Islamic scholar?

    1. wa alaikum sallam, wa rahmtulaahi wa barakatu, there is a difference between chaplain and imam, i studied on a foundation imamship course and was offered a free scholarship to do my masters degree in islamic studies, i have declined for now as i am studying clinical nutrition.it is a bit of a burden being a chaplains attention seeking sister tarnish the image by wanting to lead men in prayers, i hope this explanation helps.

      1. Hamdy Taha . says:


  4. Mike Hall says:

    i am trying to contact Neamat Aarab. she left some belongings on a bus, and your card was in
    her wallet. if you know her, please contact me.

    1. thank you
      i only have her dads email which is aarab@mchc.org.uk

  5. TAREQ BELAL says:

    Assalamu Alykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

    Please brothers and sisters

    I want to contact with Miss. Karimah in person

    So kindly give her a note that there is a person is searching for her for two days.

    thank you in advance

    best regards

    Assalamu Alykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh


    1. wa alaikum sallam w r wb , jazakumallkhayrun for your message

    2. wa alaikum sallam wr wb, did someone get back to you?

  6. mahmoud samy says:

    salam alykom karimaha… read my message in your face book..and this is my mobil and wattsa
    ap… 00966545221996

    1. wa alaikum sallam, thank you for getting in touch, please tell me your name on facebook and what name is the message you sent me under thank you

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