wheat free pancakes

These pancakes are #wheat free #gluten free but please remember those with inflammatory illness like #psoriasis , that millet is still heating.

Rice flour can be used instead but it better if it is also soaked in water overnight and drained


2 tablespoons of flax seeds soaked over night in water then mixed with one cup of millet flour, mixed in jug blender would be better to decrease the size of seeds other wise not a problem as they have been soaked..this is your batter, use as regular pancake batter

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English :  dates,

Arabic : tamr

dry dates

Islamic Medicine

According to classical scholar, Al Qayyim  Ibn Jawziyyah (raheem Allah , may the mercy of Allah be upon him),

 dates are categorized in accordance to the various stages of their  freshness and ripeness.

Busr are green unripe dates, temperament hot and dry

 Balah are fresh unripe dates, temperament cold and dry

Rutab are  fresh ripe dates, temperament is hot and moist

Tamar  are dried ripe dates  temperament is hot and dry

Nakl is the date palm.


It is significant that dates are  mentioned over 22 times in the Quran, more than any other fruit, more than any vegetable or animal product. This emphasis signifies their importance in nutrition and remedial benefits.  The date palm is the national symbol of Saudi Arabia and for good reason, they have been in the land for over 10, 000 years. Dates were taken by Alexander The Great to Pakistan and the Kalifa Abdualrahman Aldakel took dates to Andalusia, Spain .

As we said theya re mentioned at least 22 times in The Quran. Here is one of the examples,

Surat(chapter 16) An-Naĥl (The Bee) – سورة النح

Surat 16, ayat/verse 11

“ With it He causes to grow for you the crops, the olives, the date-palms, the grapes, and every kind of fruit. Verily! In this is indeed an evident proof and a manifest sign for people who give thought. “

The health benefits of dates are as follows


1.Energy And Weight Gain

Dates are great energy boosters as the natural sugars like glucose, sucrose and fructose provide a powerhouse of instant energy which is why it is traditional to eat them to break fast during Ramadhan. As the dates ripen , their sugar content increases .Even though dates have insignificant amount of fat , the sugar content is so high that they will help you gain weight if the sugar is not burnt up by your activity.

2.Sexual Performance

This high energy heat of dates  enhance sexual performance , it is a consideration for young men and women who eat dates and should be active in their work or sports. dates soaked in fresh goats milk with honey and cardamom added, is promoted by some naturapaths to enhance sexual performance, stamina and endurance for married couples…va va voom !

  1. High Fibre and digestion

Dates helps improve the digestive system as  they contain soluble and insoluble fibre. Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that is not digested by the body, however this fibre is vital for good health. dates come is all sorts of shapes and sizes but a 1/10 of the date weight  is made up of insoluble fibre, which helps food move through the digestive tract. To get the full laxative effect from dates, you need to soak the dates overnight in water after washing them. You should consume these soaked dates in the morning, including the water they are soaked in for maximum benefit. The high fibre also helps in lowering cholesterol.

  1. Alleviates anemia

Dates are in one of the top 10 foods for iron. 20 small dates weighs about 100grammes, this quantity contains 1.5 mg of iron. The RDA for men is 8mg and 18 for women, more when pregnant. Date can contribute to what is needed however there are some better sources of iron like clams, liver and pumpkin seeds.

  1. Heart Health
    Dates are rich in potassium which is an electrolyte as well as mineral; this means it carries the electrical charge. 100 grams of dates contain 636 mg of potassium which is 15% of the RDA. Potassium is a vital mineral and one of its roles is to control electrical activity of the heart, potassium also help regulate the water balance of the body. They also contain magnesium which helps lower blood pressure.
  2. Nervous system

Dates are rich in B vitamins, high in vitamin B6. Because dates are a complete whole food there are other component of  dates that make the absorption of vitamin b6 beneficial. It is well known by nutrients and naturopaths that getting vitamins and mineral from natural food sources is better than taking isolated vitamins and  mineral in the form of tablets ,. Vitamin B6 for example excessive vitamin B6 can cause skin problem and stomach problems. the combination of B vitamins in dates helps the absorption of vitamin b 6 is necessary in the formation of organic chemical in the body that rejuvenate the brain spinal cord and nerves

  1. Stroke Prevention

In 2009 ,Professor Michael Aviram, a biochemist from the Technion-Israel Institute of Science and his team found  that found that eating Hallawi dates daily for four weeks could improve the quality of lipids (fats) in the blood without raising sugar level

They carried out a tests on 10 healthy subjects who ate 3.75 oz of Hallawi dates per day  for four weeks. The results were published online by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and showed a 15 percent decrease in triglyceride (fats) levels and a 33% drop in the amount of oxidation of fats in the blood.

“Oxidation is central to the deposition of cholesterol into the artery wall,” says Aviram of the Technion Faculty of Medicine and Rambam Medical Center. “Once it is deposited, it can cause blockage of the blood supply to the heart or brain, a phenomenon that causes heart attack or stroke.”  It is the combination of insoluble fiber in dates as well as the other nutrient components like potassium that keep the circulation of blood, water and energy in the body in good motion.




ITAL IS VITAL…Veggies Burgers…Fresh chopped baby sweetcorn, courgette, broccoli, spices, daniya/corriander, jeera/cumin, ajwain, pepper, sea salt and gram flour.
Add water to make thick batter like thick, thick toothpaste, not too runny but slow moving  and shallow fry on very low heat in olive oil. .both sides. .serve with salad and grove dressing .

veggie burgers.jpg


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A massive thanks and God bless @puremadeforyou donated loads of fresh juices healthy wraps and desserts …amazing date and nuts balls, salad and fruits.

Distribution organised by @planzheroes …

we Karimahs Cuisina, collected the produced and distributed to a hostel with a vulnerable client group and disabled home bound people….


I hope we can do it again insha’Allah http://www.karimahscuisina.com #charity #recycle #waste #food #hostel #hostellife #muslims #integration #community #love #sharing #sharingiscaring

Quranic Foods, Basil, Tricolore Salada

Basil Salada Tricolore……..


Reyhan (Arabic)

Tulsi (Hindi)

Basil is the fragrant herb that flavours this salad.This amazing superfood has so many healthful benefits.


 Basil contains a unique combination of chemicals generally known as flavonoids.

 The flavanoids in basil are called  Orientin and vicenin are two water-soluble flavonoids that have been of particular interest in basil, and in studies on human white blood cells; these components of basil protect cell structures as well as chromosomes from radiation and oxygen-based damage.

 They protect the cells of the body from radiation damage and oxidation, which includes anti-aging.

We have to remember in these salad herbs  they contain essential volatile oils and these essential oils can break into thousands of small molecules that get distributed around the body even at cellular level.

 The essential oils contained in basil are anti-bacterial.

These oils are so powerful that they are able to combat bacteria that have become resistant to anti-biotics maasha’Allah.

The essential oils in basil are also an anti-inflammatory.

This is traditionally an Italian salad, however this could easily be disputed by Middle Eastern and Asian nations. The delicate balance of cheese, fruit and herbs plus bread is as ancient as time it’s self.
Please choose your quantities according to your guests.

• Tomato,
• Cucumber,
• Avocado
• Mozzarella cheese,
• Olive oil
• Black pepper
• Sea salt/kosher salt
• Basil herb fresh and dry

Islamically soft white unsalty cheese is the best to eat according to Islamic medicine classical scholar Ibn Jawziyyah. The scholar Ibn al-Qayyim in his Prophetic medicine said regarding cheese:
“The moist unsalted cheese is good for the stomach and passes easily into the organs; it increases the flesh and softens the belly in a moderate way. Salted cheese is less nutritious; it is bad for the stomach and harmful to the intestines. Old cheese restricts the belly, as does grilled cheese, and is good for ulcers and prevents diarrhea.”

• Mix black pepper, salt and dry basil with equal parts of olive oil and apple cider vinegar.You could add fresh garlic and fresh green chilli to taste.
• Leave this vinaigrette to give the herbs the time to infuse into the dressing while you prepare the rest of the salad
• Remove mozzarella cheese from the water it comes with and slice into smaller pieces
• Wash and slice the tomatoes
• Wash and cut in half long ways the avocado, remove the stone and scoop out flesh from both sides using a large spoon and cut into slices about 1/2cm thick ideally.
• Wash and dry the herbs, you can be as generous as you like with the fresh basil as it has so many healthful benefits, Alhamdulillah, praise The Creator Allah.
• shredded the fresh basil leaves.
• Arrange the cheese, tomatoes and avocado however you wish
• Spoon over the vinaigrette
• Sprinkle with herbs
• Enjoy alone, with another salad or wholegrain bread.

BASIL….sacred super food…..antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, good for heart health, combats stress,fever reducer,immune booster, diabetes preventer.




Salad Daze

Maybe Akala will do a poetry /nutrition workshop with us insha’allah, see you in Grove …

Salad days” is a Shakespearean idiomatic expression to refer to a youthful time, accompanied by the inexperience, enthusiasm, idealism, innocence, or indiscretion that one associates with a young person. A more modern use, especially in the United States, refers to a heyday, a period when somebody was at the peak of their abilities—not necessarily in that person’s youth.


Discovery Apples, beetroot, watercress,cilantro vinaigrette  and sesame seed salad.

Recipe coming soon for vinaigrette insha’Allah


green kitchen 056logosalaam, good morning, I am a qualified clinical nutritionist and would advise everyone to soak oats the night before and throw away water before cooking.The skin that surrounds the oat grain is an enzyme inhibitor contains phytic acid that will rob the body of essential minerals so we think we are doing good by eating oats but without soaking/fermenting we are causing our bodies harm, thank you

“What’s Up With Oatmeal And Phytic Acid?
Food bloggers have taken a cue from food writer Sally Fallon in her book Nourishing Traditions and have soaked grains overnight in warm water with a dash of whey or yogurt in order to reduce the phytic acid content in the grains. Phytic acid does, indeed, inhibit your absorption of minerals (calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium to name a few).
The soaking strategy does work to reduce the phytic acid because it activates the phytase enzyme in the grain to break down the phytic acid. The phytic acid disappears like a traditional foods miracle and you get more minerals out of your food. The problem with oatmeal is that it lacks sufficient quantities of phytase. Soaking it will make it cook faster and that is a great thing on a busy weekday morning, but the soaking does not help from a phytic acid perspective.
How do I know?
The food science literature on phytic acid is voluminous — only bits were captured in the 20-part e-course and in the 40+ page paper. Below is a graphic display of a study from the food science literature comparing the reduction of phytic acid in various grains. Notice that the phytic acid content of wheat, rye, and barley decrease rapidly with soaking. It is apparently the same with buckwheat, kamut and spelt; I have limited information on quinoa, teff, and amaranth. Phytic acid in oats and corn decreases very little over the same 12-hour period. These grains are both noted exceptions in the food science literature. Millet and brown rice are similar as well. It is not as if a 13th hour of soaking would have made a big difference. Soaking simply is not effective with every high-phytic acid food. (Soy milk and phytic acid is a good example.)”
taken from http://www.phyticacid.org/oatmeal-phytic-acid/