As Salam alaikum brothers and sisters,
Alhamdulilah here we are at, the door of Ramadhan again.
I remember life coach Sayyida Zaidi Stone and “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”.
This morning a brother asked me to create something that will get us through the day of fasting Ramadhan.

So we started making homemade nut milk, basically just soaking nuts in water for a few hours and blending with soaking water if cashews OR throwing the water away and using fresh water if nuts with skins like almonds, peanuts and walnuts.

heavenly bites bircher muesli may ram 2019
Protein is need to fast long hours as it provides sustained energy BUT AND ITS A BIT BUT…too much protein without balancing it with complex carbohydrates; fruits and vegetables, will lead to kidney problems.
This recipe a recent tweak from my award winning book “Heavenly Bites, the best of Muslim home cooking”, is called Bircher Muesli.
It ticks so many health food boxes, wholefoods, vegan, vegetarian, and energy, fermented, raw.

Using Yogurt whether its vegan soya or milk, is known as ” LACTO-FERMENTATION”…. the acidopholis in the yoghurt and in this case the natural bacteria on the fruits…hmmm that makes me think we will add 1 acidopholis capsule  for added probiotic, let’s see who reads this.
OK let’s go yaa’Allah.

heavenly bites bircher muesli text

100 grams nuts has 500 calories…you need to work this out depending on your size and activity, I’m a mature woman with minimal to moderate activity so I’m having 100 grams
Water to blend milk, you want it creamy not runny
100 gram oats has 300 calories
25 grams raisins 75
7 small ajwa dates 170 from Madinah , Saudia Arabia
1 apple 80
100 gram fresh strawberries 30
125 grams yoghurt 80
Spices 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, pinch of black pepper
15ml raw honey to serve 90 calories
If you are a large person and or training increase your nuts and oats and fruits.
• Soak buts for 5-8 hours then blending jug blender OR use hand held blender to create creamy milk, this is the protein that will sustain your throughout teh day.
• wash and take tops off berries and cut inn half or quarter
• mix spices together
• wash and chop apple
• weigh out oats
• combine all including yoghurt into container with lid and stir gently
• leave in cool place not fridge, the mixture needs to be at room temperature for the bacteria in the fruits and yoghurt to start fermenting, Things only get alcoholic / haram after 3 days
• Eat at suhour / sehri with honey drizzled on the top.


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