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Prophetic Diet….Fruit Smoothies

START YOUR DAY THE QURAN AND SUNNAH WAY FRUIT SMOOTHIE SO SIMPLE- JUST FRUITS AND WATER   Fruit smoothies are great as a meal starter or for breaking Ramadhan fast, packed with loads of natural fruit sugar , fibre and … Continue reading

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KHEMETIC  SUHOURI I was taught this recipe years ago by an Egyptian brother before Allah guided me to Islam, he was a gentle man maashallah like many of the Egyptian men I have the pleasure to meet.The recipe has evolved … Continue reading

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  Karimahs Cusina, feeding the homeless on the streets of Central London. By the grace of Allah (God) we have been knocking this project out in Central London. “Quality before quantity “ is our motto, where ever possible. We strive … Continue reading

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Maroc Anglais Côtelettes D’Agneau…Recipe in new book coming soon insha’Allah.

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As salam alaikum , often its good to share the healthy option to get people to taste the difference, alerted by one Muslim sister, that often, food given to break fasts in the mosk, is normally rice and chicken and … Continue reading

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Sounds a bit boring doesn’t it but it’s not , its light and fresh, perfect for breaking fast on a hot summer’s day Thanks to an amazing dressing, it’s all about dressing when you are eating light. According to Islamic … Continue reading

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I notice that there are a few diets around for Ramadan this year that have taken on board how good protein is for giving  you long sustained energy , however according to Dr Mercola and an opinion I agree with, … Continue reading

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Inspired by a Saudi fruit salad recipe that used honey cardamom and lemon juice as a dressing for fruit salad, here at Karimah’s Cuisina we decided to take it one step further, a simple but effective fruit salad dressing. This … Continue reading

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CHICKEN STIRFRY I apologize to my veggie friends who follow this page, as Muslims we are allowed to eat a little meat, as long as it’s halal and  had a free-range life and was slaughter  in a way that caused … Continue reading

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Soup is so easy as long as you have someone to cut the vegetables 🙂 it’s also so quick. INGREDIENTS 10ml cold press virgin olive oil 1 red onion or white 1-5 cloves of garlic peeled 1 medium sweet potato … Continue reading

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