ramadhan nutrition ACID ALKALINE

as salaam alaikum, brothers and sisters, anyone who knows me knows that I love a bit of junk food here and there, I love cakes and pizza and even donuts BUT anyone who knows me knows that I start my day with water and honey and black seed oil OR heavy duty green smoothie. A few years ago I would have been saying no samosas or pakora but that’s not realistic….apologies… but we need to balance these acid forming foods with enough alkaline forming foods.

Acid and Alkaline Balance – Assessing pH

ramadhan nutrition acid forming illness

Over acidity, is a dangerous condition that weakens all body systems, is very common during Ramadhan. Acid forming foods create an internal environment that encourages to dis-ease.

A balanced acid/alkaline environment allows healthy normal body function necessary for the body to combat disease.
A healthy body maintains necessary alkaline reserves to meet emergency demands.

When excess acids must be neutralized, our alkaline reserves are used up leaving the body in a weakened condition.

Food is fuel and our health depends so much on what we eat.

Plenty of fruits and vegetables  are  alkaline forming foods, that neutralize the acid.

ramadhan nutrition 8 to 10 portions a day

its important to think about portion size , especially with small fruits like kiwi or plums are even small nectarines.

We need to have 1 cup of berries , grapes or peas or beans to count as a portion, its like  handful really but it certainly isn’t 80 grams every time, not its normally more than at.

ramadhan nutrition PORTION small fruit


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