Alhamdulilah, finally, the list I know you have been waiting for, the list of foods Allah mentions in the Quran.

The Quran is a Sacred  Book, that  was revealed by Allah via angel Jibreel to Prophet Muhammad, salah lahu alaihi wa salem, in Saudi Arabia over 1400 years ago .

Alhamdulilah I have been studying Islamic Medicine for as long as I have reverted to Islam which is almost 20 years in shaa Allah. It is my passion
Alhamdulilah I am qualified clinical Nutritionist so I will leave it to the Shuyukh to explain more about the word sound and power of the QURAN to nourish the mind, body and soul.
Allah has mentioned various nutrients in the Quran and more are mentioned by Prophet Muhammad salah lahu alaihi wa salem in the hadith reports.
As we mentioned in the last posts, quranic nutrients can be classified into categories,
1. The Quran
2. Elements
3. Liquids
4. Plants
5. Animal products
6. Animals
7. Forbidden foods
Now we can expand more on the various physical foods mentioned in The Quran.
Let’s go in shaa Allah
This was my list in May 2017

This illustration is from the front cover of my latest book ” Sacred Sunnah Superfoods, an illustrated guide to Quranic Foods”

quranic foods list small
1. Banana
2. Cucumber
3. Dates
4. Water
5. Milk
6. Honey
7. Olive oil
8. Buckthorn
9. Fig
10. Fruits
11. Garlic
12. Ginger
13. Gourd
14. Grapes
15. Grain
16. Herbs
17. Herbage
18. Fragrant herbs
19. Mustard
20. Manna
21. Olive
22. Onion
23. Pomegranate
24. Pulses
25. Saffron
26. Wheat
27. Birds
28. Camels
29. Cattle
30. Cows
31. Calves
32. Goat
33. Hoopoe
34. Meat
35. Quail
36. Fish
37. Seafood
38. Sheep
39. Salt

ramadhan nutrition LIST QURAN FOODS

By the Grace of Allah, this is my list now January 2019 alhmdulilah
1. Banana
2. Birds
3. Buckthorn
4. Camels
5. Cattle
6. Cows
7. Calves
8. Cucumber
9. Copper
10. Corn
11. Dates
12. Fig
13. Fruits
14. Fragrant herbs
15. Garlic
16. Ginger
17. Goat
18. Gourd
19. Grapes
20. Grain
21. Honey
22. Hoopoe
23. Iron
24. Herbs
25. Herbage
26. Iron
27. Locusts
29. Milk
30. Mustard
31. Manna
32. Olive
33. Olive oil
34. Onion
35. Palm trees(coconuts, beetle nuts and acacia berries, palm oil)
36. Pearl
37. Pomegranate
38. Pulses
39. Quail
40. Saffron
41. Seafood
42. Sheep
43. Salt
44. Seed
45. Tamarind
46. Wheat
47. Water
48. Whale
49.Rehan, sweet smelling herbs
There is probably more, sadly Arabic is not my first language, so based on the resource available in English and I have to say because it s true, Allah opening my eyes more to what is in the Quran. The Quran is a book that is always revealing itself, alhamdulilah.

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  1. Jazakallahu khairan fiddarain. Is there any list of foods mentions in the Hadiths?

    1. wa iyak,. i am foccusing mainly on qutranic foods but yes there are loads of foods mentioned in the sunnah which are spoken of on these pages…i list…not here but maybe somewhere else, you will have to look, please let us know,

      1. as salaam alaikum, jazakumallahkhayrun, yes trauma, i have not got there yet, but i agree its like being beaten and bruised mentally, please saty in touch, do you aheva blog?

  2. Ahmed says:

    Keep moving Forward.
    May Allah Bless us with Good FOod

    1. ameen ya allah ameen, jazakum allah khayr for your support

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