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QURANIC FOODS,Lemon Balm for Hormones & Cognitive Decline

Lemon balm I love the smell of lemon balm and have been using the aromatherapy oil from it which can sometimes be called Melissa which is the Greek version of the name Deborah, the Queen Bee that annually killed her … Continue reading

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Quranic Foods, Basil, Tricolore Salada

Basil Salada Tricolore…….. Basil Reyhan (Arabic) Tulsi (Hindi) Basil is the fragrant herb that flavours this salad.This amazing superfood has so many healthful benefits. HEALTH  Basil contains a unique combination of chemicals generally known as flavonoids.  The flavanoids in basil … Continue reading

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  ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS When we think about fats, most people  back off, as health conscious people we know that we need to cut down on fatty food, however that’s only half of the story. If Angelina Jolie had been … Continue reading

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Halal et Tayyib première partie en français

Ces écrits faisaient partie de mon post diplômé d’études islamiques degré, le module Coran et Haddith, marqué et passé par le cheikh Sayad Mekic, Université de Cambridge. Il est important pour nous d’examiner tout d’abord à la base de l’orientation, … Continue reading

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