Quranic Foods- Banana Islamic Medicine

As salam alaikum, the Quran was revealed by Allah in 1409 CE, 609 years ago.It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, salah la alahi wa salem,in Saudia Arabia. The Quran was revealed from Allah via the angle Jibreel (alaihi wa salem) to Prophet Muhammad who was 40 years old at the time.

In the Quran , Allah mentions a number of foods; liquids, plants, animals  and minerals.
Banana is the first Quranic food illustrated in my new book,” Sacred Sunnah Superfoods, an illustrated guide to Quranic Foods”, available from us Karimah’s Cuisina.

SURAH/CHAPTER 56: AYAH/VERSE 29 Surat Al-Wāqi`ah (The Inevitable)
“Among banana-trees with fruits piled one above another” [56:29]

English: banana
Arabic: talh
Bananas (or talh) are a sacred fruit that deserve to be redefined and given the reverence they deserve. They are sweet creamy fruits in little yellow jackets, making them a perfect fast foods.

banana black slate health

The temperament of bananas are hot and wet in first degree. For those of you who have a cold, dry temperament, it is recommended that you eat them with honey.

As-Suyuti (ra) hasn’t written extensively on them; however, Ibn Qayyim(ra) commented that ripe sweet bananas can heal roughness in the throat and lungs, coughs, and cure kidney and bladder ulcers. He also observed that they are a diuretic and aphrodisiac, increasing semen. According to Ibn Qayyim, if they are eaten before food they can potentially hurt the stomach, but their harm can be balanced by honey.

For more Quranic information,Islamic Medicine information and nutrition advice on the medicinal properties of this Quranic superfood, please buy a copy of my new book, ” Sacred Sunnah Superfoods, an illustrated guide to Quranic Foods”, available from us Karimahs Cuisina.

By Karimah Bint Dawoud,quaslified Clinical Nutritionist and award winning writer , “Heavenly Bites, the Best of Muslim Home Cooking” published by Kube Publishers and qualified nutritionist 

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