as salaam alaikum brothers and sisters and truth seekers.
The beautiful illustration of my last post is an adaption from one of my illustrations in my new book, SACRED SUNNAH SUPER FOODS. The book is a limited edition and only available from yours truly. It is a quranic nutrition colouring book.
a colouring book ramadhan small

The book took over 3 years to create because I wanted it to be really good for you. There are 18 hand drawn botanically correct illustrations of foods that Allah has mentioned in The Quran. There are Quranic quotes for all the foods, as well as islamic medicine advise for the use of the foods and current clinical nutrition information that compliments what prophet muhammad salah lahu alaihi wa salam knew over 1400 years ago.
the book cost £20 which includes first class tracked post and packing ,please feel free to inbox me for more details, thank you

#allah #islam #quran #prophetmuhammad #illustration #drawing #art #botanicaldrawing #botanics #nutrition #theislamicnutritonist #colouring #colouringbook #coloringbook #fineart #illustrations

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