Hair Food Smoothie The Recipe

Hair Food Smoothie

by Karimah Bint Dawoud, qualified Culinary Nutritionist.
Often in our attempt to loose weight and look slim, we miss out on essential nutritients.
Although we are slim, there is a down side to it that is shown by brittle nails, dull skin and thinning hair.
Pregnancy and menopause in women and hormonal changes in men are also responsible for changes in our hair growth.
Nutrients that are beneficial to hair growth are also good for skin teeth and bones. These nutrients are also good at supporting us through life changes and stress that can happened at any time in our life.

hair food 2

Vitamins, minerals, protein and fatty acids are essential.
So let’s get straight to the smoothie recipe, which contains some Quranic Foods and we get read the science behind it while we are sipping the smoothie later on.
This Hair Food Smoothie is your breakfast , to be eaten half an hour after you have had a glass of water and honey , followed by fruits. let the fruits digest while you are having a shower of praying , getting ready to leave house ,if you have time drink the smoothie calmly or take it with you and drink on the bus, train car, or on a park bench after you have dropped the children at school.
• 30ml/6 tsp flaxseeds soaked overnight in a cup of water
• 15ml/3 tsp chia seeds soaked overnight in ½ cup of water
• 30ml /6 tsp pumpkin seeds soaked overnight in 1 cup of water
• 5-7 dates depending on size, soaked overnight in cup of water after washing them and taking our stones.
• 3cm piece of ginger or more if you can take it, especially good for fat lazy people to energise
• 10ml/2 tsp maca powder
• 5ml/1 tsp cinnamon powder
• 15ml/3 tsp spirulina
• 15ml/3 tsp wheatgrass powder
• 500ml water/2 cups at least
• Place all ingredients in jug blender and blitz till smooth
• Add water if too thick to drink
• This is your breakfast to be eaten after fruits that suit your temperament, if you don’t know your temperament, please free to get in touch and book a consultation with me

Hair is made of protein called keratin. Keratin is a tough durable protein that is the main component of hair, skin, nails, hooves, scales, claws of most animals. It is flexible and durable.
Keratin is insoluble in water and needs special chemicals to break its strong structure, like the ones used in hair salons to permanent curls and straighten hair.
Keratinisation is the process how hair cells that are living become fibrous non sensory fibres.
These are the vitamins, mineral, proteins and oils that are necessary for strong hair growth.
B2 (ribolflavin),
B3 (niacin)
B5 ( panathonic acid)
B7 (biotin),
B8 (inositol)
B9 ( folate)
B12,( Cobalamin),
D beta carotene gets converted into vitamin A
iron, zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, calcium, potassium,

Omega 3
The following tables took me ages to create just for this smoothie and I would ask that you respect what I do and credit me where possible, thank you.

hair food vitamins and minerals

Vitamin D is not in any of the ingredients and so you could do what I do; sit beside the open  window ,with my sleeves rolled up while I’m drinking the smoothie looking at the morning activities and listening to the sounds and being in the present moment. Drive with your sleeves rolled up. When ever you can get Vitamin D and remain modest , great, also oily fish can be eaten at other times of the day.
I’m all for the correct aqeeda but a little bit of forearm in Northern Hemisphere country I am sure Allah would forgive us. Allah knows best.


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