Water and Honey

as salaam alaikum,good morning,I’m sitting here drinking a pint of water and honey. It is part of my morning routine . it is important to share with you the benefits of this heavenly elixir.

L water earth 71

Ibn Jawziyyah(ra) says in Medicine of the Prophet(salah la alaihi wa salem) that anyone with astute mind would drink water and honey every morning on an empty stomach to protect them from disease.

Water and honey actually boosts the immune system and is the best way to start your day after prayer 🙂

Water and honey are both mentioned in the Quran and other Holy Books. They are sacred foods.

We can go many many days without food but water only a few days.Why?  

The body is composed of mainly water just like planet earth.

Allah says in the Quran that He created every living thing from water.

Water is responsible for so many bodily functions, one of them being conducting  energy around the body which is water you need first thing in the morning when things have got a bit dried up from all the detox work that has been going on in the body while we sleep.

Honey , let us keep on praying for the bees and the beekeeper, may Allah guide bless and protect them now and forever ameen.

honey heal thy cell text

Honey is many things including an immune system booster.It also provides energy which is also what we need first thing in the morning.

Alhamdulilah I have made this part of my morning routine for at least the last five years .When I started some one asked me ” Aren’t you worried that it might make you stop eating processed foods?”

I laughed and replied  ” i hope so !”  and subhana Allah my diet probably consists of hmmmmmmm 3-5% process foods at the most.

1 pint of  room temperature water, with 1-3 teaspoons of honey

Try to buy the best honey you can afford , give thanks to Allah, make duaa for the bees and beekeepers and Allah will do the rest 

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