as salaam alaikum, may The Peace of the All Peace be with us all, ameen.

Alhamdulilah, I’m blessed that  I have a  passion for health and well being. 

Over 40 years ago ,  I met Carol Caplin and she  was running a company called Holistix in the 80’s. Little blue bottles of Neals Yard essential oils in her bathroom were fascinating .

One my spiritual journey, I spent 7 years as  Rastafarian  and 2 years studying with The Ausar Auset, a Pan African Egyptology religion who are vegan, into using semi-precious stones , amulatets, homeopathy and more.

But it was my destiny to embrace Islam.

Now having been a practising Muslim for most of 17 years, Islam has really solidified my knowledge of all things natural.

My passion is food, not in let’s go for tea every day, but in away that purifiers the body, the temple and draws us close to the One who created us from earth, from where the plants grow, from where the bees draw their nectar to make honey.

quranic cooking black board tex

When I first started studying  the following are the Quranic Foods that I was aware of;

  1. water
  2. olive oil
  3. milk
  4. honey
  5. banana
  6. buckthorn
  7. cucumber
  8. dates
  9. fruits
  10. figs
  11. garlic
  12. goat
  13. gourd
  14. grapes
  15. herbs
  16. hoopoe
  17. lentils
  18. mustard
  19. onion
  20. pomegranate
  21. birds
  22. camel
  23. cattle
  24. cows
  25. meat in general
  26. quail
  27. seafood
  28. sheep

I disregarded swine, wine because these are haram, unlawful.

As Allah put it in my heart to keep studying , I was shown saffron, sea salt and saw that fish was mentioned as well as seafood  and that sea food included things like seaweed and crustaceans.

Minerals are also mentioned that are vital to the body like copper and iron.

Alhamdulilah I am a qualified nutritionist whose studying to be a yoga teacher.

Feel free to  email me for a one to one nutrition consultation or demonstration of how to incorporate these foods in your daily meal plans



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