As salaam alaikum, may the All Peace of The Creator be with us all, ameen.
Wheat is another Quranic food, but these days wheat is not what it used to be.
The prophet Muhammad, salah la alaihi wa salem, never ate white flour but white flour in those days was just with the bran removed.

gluten free phil vickery
Narrated Abu Hazim: I asked Sahl bin Sad, “Did Allah’s Apostle ever eat white flour?” Sahl said, “Allah’s Apostle never saw white flour since Allah sent him as an Apostle till He took him unto Him.” I asked, “Did the people have (use) sieves during the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle?” Sahl said, “Allah’s Apostle never saw (used) a sieve since Allah sent him as an Apostle until He took him unto Him,” I said, “How could you eat barley unsifted?” he said, “We used to grind it and then blow off its husk, and after the husk flew away, we used to prepare the dough (bake) and eat it.” Sahih Bukhari and Tirmidhi

Theses days it’s the bran and the wheatgerm that’s removed, its bleached with toxic chemicals and then artificial vitamins are added in. No wonder so many of us, especially those of us with more melanin in our skin are allergic to wheat and gluten.Wheat and all grains are acid forming foods, but when they are processed in such away they are even more toxic, inflammatory and cancer causing.
Manufacturers have cottoned on to this food trend and are now producing wheat free bread but its sooo expensive.Yesterday mum and i worked out its about 20p a slice.
So whats a girl to do?

Phil Vickery British TV chef and handsome hunk to the rescue. He is coeliac disease.
Having coeliac disease means that the persons abdomen reacts badly to the protein in gluten. interestingly your NHS doctor will test you for this and often comes back negative but you know that your stomach aches after you have eaten wheat.Make of that what you will…
I have inlcuded from his book the two wheat free bread mixes , which we will attempt to make over the next few days insha’Allah
He is the Coeliac UK Food Ambassador and has his own wheat free cook book, which I have a copy. We have made cakes but never brave enough to make the bread. I am a bit concerned about wheat free flour mixes that they contain potato flour which is a bit problematic for those of us with arthritis, as the humble potato is part of the deadly nightshade family.
The alternative mix doesn’t contain potato but contains corn flour which is supposed to be one of the high GM genetically modified foods.
Phil Vickery Wheat Free Bread Mixes
makes 1 kilo flour mix
700g fine rice flour
200g potato flour
100 g tapioca flour
Gluten Free flour mix 1
makes 1 kilo
300 g fine polenta
500 g brown rice flour
200 g corn flour
We used the first mixture before and it made nice short crust pastry that is a little bit more brittle to work with than wheat flour, that must be the gluten making it more stretchy, however trying something knew , that doesn’t have the anti-inflammatory properties of wheat has to be a good thing.

Please watch this space, insha’Allah I am working on an idea that a better mix
Phil Vickery’s book is worth the investment if you are serious about wheat free cooking.

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