As salaam alaikum, brothers and sisters, seekers of  The Truth.

In shaa Allah you are well and blessed with steadfast faith in Allah.

Some thing for us to ponder on tonight before we sleep.

I am fascinated by the 7 heavens and 7 layers on the auric field of the human being.

Allah knows whether they are connected, I currently do not have the Islamic evidence to say either way but would be interested should anyone have it.

Until such time we are going to progress without journey into knowing more about the nutrients Allah has provided as blessing for us and are mentioned in the Quran.

The Quran is a divine book that was revealed over 1400 years ago in Saudi Arabia to Prophet Muhammad, salah lahu alaihi wa salem, via the angel Jibreel/Gabriel (alaihi wa salem).


When I first started studying foods mentioned in the  Quran via various books , including a good PDF by Ikram Kurdi, Quranic Foods were only categorised  into 4 categories liquids, plants, animals and forbidden foods.


quranic nutrients poster 1

 All praise is due to Allah we now have 7 categories in my humble opinion ; The  Quran itself is a nutrient for the mind, body and heart, it takes time to comprehend this fact, the   elements( vitamins and minerals), liquids, plants, animal products, animals and forbidden foods.

That’s enough for today, something for us all to ponder on, till next time in shaa Allah.

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