In the Quran Allah [The Exalted](God) says:
“He [Allah] did not place upon you, in the religion [Islam], any hardship.”
We are not supposed to unduly suffer where we can help it. According to Sh. Muhammad al-Hassan Wali al-Dido al-Shanqiti and translated by Suhaib Webb, the Shariah states there are 7 types of hardship mushaqa, 4 of these are specific to women; menstruation, pregnancy, child birth and irregular vaginal blood flow. These hardships all produce vaginal fluids that are not the irregular white vaginal fluid that is considered by islamic fiqq law, as pure.

So let’s talk about menstruation or as some of my younger sistars call it “reds”, the time where we are not legally allowed to pray .So why would we fast at a time where we are not allowed to pray the formal fard compulsory prayers?
Because it’s related to purity. As a woman you cannot fast unless you are pure, meaning free from impure vaginal discharges. Not all vaginal discharges are consider impure.
However once a month the womb discards it’s nutrient rich and toxin containing lining and the egg/eggs that are not fertilized. Along with this excrement as also the toxins in the blood stream from poor diet, pharmaceutical medication, exposure to toxins in the air and toxins from interaction with technology. A woman loses about 2.4 tablespoons of fluid. About half of menstrual fluid is blood. This blood contains sodium, calcium, phosphate, iron, and chloride, depending on the temperament of the woman and her consumption.
Contrary to common opinion the menstrual fluid obviously contains toxins, the womb lining is not only full of nutrients preparing for the impregnation of the embryo, it also contains any drugs, alcohol, medication, hormones and anti biotics.Dis-eases like AIDS and addictions like crack or heroine, pass from the mother to the bay in the women via the womb lining.
Anything the women is consuming will be transferred via the womb lining .The less nutritious the diet; excessive red meats, excessive diary, fried food, processed food, bleached white refined starchy carbohydrates, junk food, alcohol, the worst, heavier and longer the periods will be.
Nutritionally psychological its normal ,after a period of abstinence fasting dieting restricting food intake, that the animalistic nature of the body will binge at the first opportunity. In this time where we are not fasting rather than use it as an excuse to binge on the stuff we haven’t been eating, let use it as a time to dose up on loads of good stuff ,like fruits veggie smoothies as well as a few naughties, but keep the cakes crisp etc in serious moderation.

Iron Rich Foods
Foods that are high in iron to help increase the production from the blood loss,

Calcium Rich Foods
Calcium Rich Foods

Foods that are high in calcium and finally this poster for foods to eat  for people with anemia is also productive.

Anemia Preventatives
Anemia Preventatives

Many  beneficial to self wonderful smoothies, salads and soups can be made with those sun fired natural ingredients.


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