RAMADHAN – Brother love

I love Ramadhan, its really puts things into perspective masahllah, we get to see how fantastic and strong the brothers are who fast all the 30 days, do taraweeh, work and some hard core nutters like Deen Riders go on 26 k walks while fasting.I admire men for their physical stamina and strength mashallah, no wonder they are the protectors over women and children.I naively used to think all older sisters who had stopped their menses fast, this is not true, tooooo many of them are sick mainly through obesity and diabetes, heart diseases relative to being overweight thorough out their life, in community where people are tooooo polite to tell them that they are fat, so not all of them are fasting right now.May Allah help us all and increase ALL the fantastic brothers who fast alla teh days in everything that is good in this life and jennah ameen, may Allah help us all ameen to be better people at the end of this blessed month ameen

deen riders

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