It’s interesting and necessary to show the world that women and men who love food and love cooking  and are absolutely foodies, refuse to be marginalized into the kitchen without an opinion, have they not learnt yet that the kitchen is the place of meeting , around the camp fire around the heated pot , communing , watching , reflecting and pondering what is going on, “wha tis going on”?

INSPIRING TO WORLD RELATIONS, RELATIVE TO RIGHT NOW, PLEASE WATCH THIS CLIP!!!!!!Yesterday I had the privilege of watching FIRE IN BABYLON, history of the west indies cricket team , who played like gentlemen till they were viciously inducted by the Australians team, into art of fast bowling.

The West Indies had naively thought that cricket was a gentlemen game, after the Australians showed them differently , the West Indies realized the gloves were off.Kerry Packer later had a little word in their ear and told them they needed to be more profession and assigned them a personal trainer.

Equation< African physique + 500 years of oppression via Transatlantic slave trade and dehumanization in Caribbean + enduring positive spiritual outlook, connected to teh One God +physical training= by the Grace of The Almighty, a team that smashed it up! And kept on smashing it up where ever they went internationally.


Alhamdulilah it was political, it was spiritual and if you have been blessed with the ability to pick the sense form the nonsense you will insha’allah be inspired well and truly by the history of this amazing team, its worth buying the full DVD.

Viv Richards, my kind of man
Viv Richards, my kind of man


P.S.If Viv Richards is Muslim I would certainly considered being one of his wives 🙂 what a warrior maash’Allah!!!

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