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Tell me whats going on? whats going on?


  Karimahs Cusina, feeding the homeless on the streets of Central London. By the grace of Allah (God) we have been knocking this project out in Central London. “Quality before quantity “ is our motto, where ever possible. We strive … Continue reading

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Bradford Literature Festival 2015

Bradford Literature Festival   We were asked to give a lecture, as part of this festival, about Ramadhan and Nutrition.  As a published author it was a blessing and honour to be asked to be part of this prestigious event … Continue reading

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FEED THE NEED  Among the many diverse food and nutrition-conscious activities delivered by Karimah’s Cuisina is FEED THE NEED, feeding the homeless in Central London.    However, inspired by the Quranic ayats, we set out to do what Allah has … Continue reading

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Nutrition and Michael Brown Killing

I am not going to say much about this but I have to say something, as the mother of a young black man who has been stopped by the police so many times, every time I hear a siren I … Continue reading

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It’s interesting and necessary to show the world that women and men who love food and love cooking  and are absolutely foodies, refuse to be marginalized into the kitchen without an opinion, have they not learnt yet that the kitchen … Continue reading

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Karimah Bint Dawoud-Islamic Nutritionist, Muslim Chaplain – I’m not leading the prayers!!!Fantastic Food Writer/Photographer, Eco Activist and Glamorous Grannie maashallah :)

    Karimah Bint Dawoud is represented and managed by:- 1st Witness 1st Witness PO Box 50499 Kensington London W8 9FD Mobile: +44(0)7947766356 Skype:f1stwitness

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Karimah’s Cuisina “CAKE COMPETITON ” MAY 2014 As salam alaikum wa rahmtulaahi wa barakatu brothers and sistars Insha’Allah you are well and blessed by Allah with steadfast eman. Insha’allah we are having a cake competition to raise funds for FEED … Continue reading

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LET’S GET READY FOR MONDAY INSHA’ALLAH… Whose ready to join us on 5 Day Juice and smoothie De-tox, starting next Monday insha’allah? Everybody’s different, so think about what are your favorite fruit and veg, do some research on my blog, … Continue reading

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Qualified Clinical Nutritionist

All praise is Due to the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is in between… I finally passed my Clinical Nutrition Diploma with Distinction 🙂

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3 day juice fast -day 1

yeeeeeehhhhhhh alhamdulilah, praise God, we a have over 40 wonderful people doing this fast, may of you have inboxed me to let me know you are on board, just drinking my water and lemon juice before the first smoothie……its good … Continue reading

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