Nutrition and Michael Brown Killing

I am not going to say much about this but I have to say something, as the mother of a young black man who has been stopped by the police so many times, every time I hear a siren I pray for him, where ever he is and where ever I am alhmdulilah maashallah I pray for his  safety.

I am lover of Black men, my father is a black man and I think , wasn’t it white men that brought black men from African, stole them away, kidnapped them for 5oo years of slave labour , so they could build the  white  empire on their backs, like the Pharoahs used the Isrealites ?

And now as black people are on the rise once again, maasha’allah as God would ahve it be,accessing education and business there are some white folks who just can’t deal with it and feel the need to keep black folks in their place, and where is that place i wonder? The problem with guns and jobs that  give individuals access to a LEGAL gun, is that these jobs attract people with good intention, who genuinely want to up hold justice and the law but these positions also attract the scum of the earth, with a bad agenda, who have no intention of upholding the constitution.

May Allah have mercy on Michael Brown’s soul ameen

PLEASE WATCH…..from a clinical nutrtionsit perspective, the diet of too many of these people, who are supposed to be law enforcers, is deficient and thus effecetting their mental, yes the mental health of the police needs to be questione.A diet that lack omega 3 oils, affects the brain in that it perceives challenges as threats, from a UK perspective we have no respect for the typical american diet, no respct at all, I am not defending the outrageous behaviour of the police man who murdered Michael Brown, I am just adding in my opinion from a qualifed nutrtionist perspective, one of the reasons why we have too many white trigger happy policemen in the USA

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