COMFORT FOOD……maybe you have had a bad night , late night before, maybe you are going through an emotional crisis and the first thing you want ,when you get up is comfort and a nice cuddle from someone safe. Sometimes, all the time , that person is not there and we resort to comfort food. Before you reach for the black forest gateau and coffee, let me tell you that you can have that black forest gateau and coffee, just not now, just not yet, you can have it later, after you eat some fruit. Fruit first thing in the morning has so many health benefits to keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed; its boosts the immune system, its anti-aging, it gets rid of dark circles under your eyes, it opens the digestive passage way with the most easily digestible food and its full of sun fired goodness and energy….just do it, love yourself even if you think no-one else does , you will see its worth it in the long run…because I love you xxx

Fruit First
Fruit First

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