FEED THE NEED, feeding the homeless on the streets of Central London

FEED THE NEED….It creates good karma to feed the needy, it  is a noble deed to feed the needy, its an act of a human society to look after those who are destitute and any society or state than prohibits the feeding of the homeless contains the seeds of its own destruction, you have been warned.

Come rain or shine, fasting and jubilation we have gone out on the streets of Central London and feed the need people who are mostly not yet Muslim; they are mostly Polish, Russian , Romanian and a tiny percentage of North Africans.Regardless of race, creed , colour or gender we distribute ahome cooked healthy meal and drink to those in need.

Last night was different, we had half of sheep left over froma lamb we sacrificed for Eid, this is special meat we call Qurbani, we had the ribs and chops, so we jerked it, covered it in out home made from scratch all raw ingredients jerk seasoning, marianted then roasted it and they loved it, recipe maybe coming soon inshallah

one of our wonderful volunteers is doing a masters in literature and asked if she could make a film baout what we do, she is so engaging maashallah, sitting having peronal conversation with the homless people while they were eating asking them about how they came to be homesless, alhmdulilah praise God they trust us now, after 2 years of being consistant , they know we are cool maashallah.

this was dinner last night maashallah , as God would have it be , please excsue typos im shattered.Alahmdulilah praise God.


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