Halal and Tayyib

In the UK organic meat is stunned before slaughter to qualified for the mark of organic but this is not really Islamic because its been stunned first, most of the meat we eat whether its factory farmed or organic has been stunned and is sometimes even dead before the halal slaughter making it once again not really Islamic. so that why people like myself and dr katme are campaigning for people to eat less meat but better quality truly halal and tayib meat.

alhamdulilah I love animals, I believe they have a right to a good life, to be ethically reared, however as a Muslim I do believe that we are allowed to eat meat, I believe in mercy slaughter like the film avatar, the animal has to be killed in the quickest human way possible and the sacrifice of its life, so that we can eat meat, must be respected and appreci-loved


scatterbrook june14 020

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