Quranic Cooking Banana Raw Plantain Salad

as salam alaikum, even though the weather is not tropical, it is vital like ital to eat raw food with your meals.Raw foods contain loads more enzymes than cooked food. these natural enzymes in the raw food actually work with the body rather than cook food which forces the body to produce more acid to help break it down, this puts great stress on the d and the pancreas in particular.

This salad we make at Karimah’s Cusina is made from raw plantain, which is part of the banana family, which is a food that Allah mentions in the Quran.


For more info on why its cook to eat more raw food in your diet, please see this link


Allah mentions banana in the Quran, in my opinion it is a sacred food that we have marginalised to mundane in favour of sugary macaroons. The banana has amazing health benefits, its high fibre content will help with digestion and elimination, and that fibre will also help clean plaque from arteries and have a positive knock on effect on the heart. For these and more health benefit, banana is also one the features foods in my new book, SACRED SUNNAH SUPPER FOODS, an illustrated guide to Quranic Foods, to get hold of a copy, please inbox me, thank you


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