As salaam alaikum, BANANA is a fruit that Allah mentions in the Quran and the first food featured in my new book SACRED SUNNAH SUPERFOODS, an illustrated guide to Quranic Foods.

This sacred fruit deserves to be redefined and given the reverence it deserves . These sweet creamy fruits in their little yellow jackets, make them one of the perfect fast foods.


SURAT/CHAPTER 56, AYAT/VERSE 29 Surat Al-Wāqi`ah (The Inevitable) – سورة الواقعة

 “Among banana-trees with fruits piled one above another, “

banana plantain fish 016

Banana and Plantain are part of the Musa (genus) family of plants. I think it is interesting that they are called Musa…is there some connection with banana and prophet Musa (alaihi wa salem) as he was on his global travels.

🍌🍌🍌Plantain is in the banana family🍌🍌🍌it’s more starch like a banana mixed with a potato so it’s less sweet. Like bananas they can be eaten green and they get sweeter as they get more yellow. You can boil, fry, stew, steam and bake. You can even eat them raw. Please previous post for gorgeous picture of #raw #plantain #salad. Calorie was se they are similar to potato so you need to cook them using minimal oil for maximum health or why not try the raw salad on a warm day?

Plantain are high in fibre vitamins ,A C and B6 and contain the minerals potassium magnesium , to be consumed minimally with people with kidney problems 

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banana plantain fish 005


Allah mentions banana in the Quran, as such it’s superfood in my book!


It has amazing health benefits and although it’s high in potassium it shouldn’t be completely avoided by people being kidney stones. Why? According to classical Islamic scholar Ibn Jawziyyah (ra) bananas combat ulcers in the #kidney and #prostate .
This fantastic foto illustrates Griddled plantain, a type of banana, that we cooked for part of our #brunch today.
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FUN FACT  Saudia Arabia imports about 200, 000 TONNES OF BANANAS A YEAR

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