Nutrition is like any other subject in that there is differences of opinion, especially now that the internet is saturate with loads of ” experts” and this is where having the Quran as your criterion comes in very useful.

There has been for a while information  that the more brown spots that are on a banana,  the more anti-cancer chemicals there are in that banana.

Cancer is big business and people are quick to dismiss that a simple banana  can help combat cancer.

But a banana is not simple, it is a super food that Allah has mentioned in the Quran.

I decided to do some cross referencing and researching and came across a Japanese study that confirm that bananas are a food that helps combats cancer. I have included the introduction  and the PDF link for the study.

The Japanese studies confirm that bananas combat the initiation of cancer formation, lifestyle related disease and help combat ageing of internal and external organs.

English: banana
Arabic: talh
Bananas (or talh) are a sacred fruit that deserve to be redefined and given the reverence they deserve. They are sweet creamy fruits in little yellow jackets, making them a perfect fast foods.
SURAH/CHAPTER 56: AYAH/VERSE 29 Surat Al-Wāqi`ah (The Inevitable)
“Among banana-trees with fruits piled one above another” [56:29]

banana spots TEXT


Food Sci. Technol. Res., 15 (3), 275 – 282, 2009
Differences in Biological Response Modifier-like Activities According to the Strain
and Maturity of Bananas
Haruyo iwasawa*
and Masatoshi yamazaKi
Department of Medical Life Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Teikyo University, Sagamiko-machi, Sagamihara-city,
Kanagawa 229-0195, Japan
Received April 14, 2008; Accepted February 4, 2009
We have studied the neutrophil-increasing effects of fruits and vegetables and their priming effects
on cytokine induction. Among fruits, bananas exhibited the most marked priming effects. Therefore, we
evaluated possible differences in the biological response modifier (BRM)-like activities of bananas (such
as the effects on neutrophil accumulation and macrophage morphology, and the priming effects on cytokine
induction), according to their strain and maturity, using a conventional strain and a strain for
highland cultivation. As a result, the total intraperitoneal leukocyte count and % neutrophils increased in
parallel with the concentration and maturity of banana extracts. These effects were more marked in the
highland strain. After the addition of banana extracts, marked macrophage spreading was observed, and
morphological changes differed according to the strain and maturity of bananas. The priming effects on
TNF-α or IL-12 induction also differed according to the maturity and strain of bananas, and could also be
confirmed after oral administration. These results suggest that banana intake is associated with various
BRM-like activities, and these effects differ according to the maturity level of the bananas.
Keywords: banana, BRM, macrophage, cytokine, strain, maturity

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