as salam alaikum wa rahmtulaah , wa barakatuhum  everyone,

please forgive this brief blog its late and we are tired

insha’Allah you and your family are well and blessed with steadfast eman,

just to let you know that alhmdulilah we are home from another FEED THE NEED London, feeding the homeless and needy healthy halal and vegan hot dinners

had a bit of a break and now this is the first one of this year.

The food we created, packaged and served had a definite Moroccan vibe;

vegan option loubia beans stew, halal meat option loubia and kofta burgers both served

with boutique bread donated by Gail’s Bakery in London, co-ordinated by Plan zHEROES.

All of dishes are made with wholefood ingredients cooked from scratch

alhmdulilah we are still creating and serving healthy halal and vegan mens to vulnerable men in a local hostel of 120 men, about 20 are muslim,

this project survives by the grace of Allah by donations only,


for any reason you would love to donate this is our bank account



ACCOUNT 61933090

SORT CODE 55-50-28


jazakallahkhayrun I look forward to hearing from you when you are not too busy


P.S. we are a registered non-profit company that have submitted preparing our fourth year of accounts alhmdulilah

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kader says:

    asslam alikom
    doing any thing to satisfy allah and follow what he quran said
    and feed what the quran told

    1. wa alaikum sallam, Allah is the one who moulds the heart to please Him, barakallahfeek for your post

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