As salam alaikum ,

often its good to share the healthy option to get people to taste the difference,

alerted by one Muslim sister, that often, food given to break fasts in the mosk, is normally rice and chicken and fresh salad, so vital, is often missing from what is offered, so we decided to make a big bowl of salad for the sisters to share at iftar time

Layer 1

fresh chopped parsley full of vitamin C

Layer 2

salad masjid 1

loads of cucumber,cooling and hydrating, aids weight loss, diuretic,good for skin, de-toxing

little gems lettuce , cooling and hydrating, relaxing aids sleep, alkali combats acid build up

tomatoes, vitamin c, anti-oxidant, good for heart health, anti-cancer, good for brain health

and radish, combats constipation,obesity,asthma , bronchitis,urinary problems,piles, jaundice and de-toxes the body.

Layer 3

salad masjid 2

fresh pomegranate, good for the heart,lowers risk of heart disease and plaque build up in arteries, risk of breast and prostate cancer,reduces cholesterol,lessens symptoms of diarrhea and irritable bowel as well as being powerful anti-oxidant.

mix it all up and add fragrant savoury Moroccan cold pressed olive oil,anti-inflammatory, good for digestion, good for heart health.

Layer 4

salad masjid 3

lemon wedges,vitamin c , anti-oxidant, build immune system,

olives,anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer

and fresh mint leaves, good for digestion, nausea , headache,asthma,depression, fatigue, skin, pimples and promotes good memory.

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