Wheat Free Flour Mixes

DAY 2 of this challenge, ok, so far so good, however I was out and was really craving some sort of cake, pastry you name it “give me white flour and sugar ” my lower desires kept saying, even our local bakers has had a makeover , gone all Costas stylee.

Still I have had experience with that Phil Vickery book that I posted early this week about Gluten free cooking and know for the flour mix alternative to using wheat in cake we are going to start using alternative flours. He suggest things like tapioca flour and potato flour.


Wheat Free Flour Mix
Wheat Free Flour Mix

Phil Vickery suggests 2 possible combinations

Gluten Free flour mix 1

makes 1 kilo

700g fine rice flour

200g potato flour

100 g tapioca flour



Gluten Free flour mix 1

makes 1 kilo

300 g fine polenta

500 g brown rice flour

200 g corn flour

We used the  first mixture before and it made nice short crust pastry that is a little bit more brittle to work with than wheat flour, that must be the gluten making it more stretchy, however trying something knew , that doesnt have the anti-inflammatory properties of wheat has to be a good thing.

Now health shops will rinsed you our price wise, so find your local Thai grocers and you will find them cheaper…not cheap.

“Cakes should be a treat not an everyday occurrence ” A reminder to myself first and foremost!

Phil Vickery’s book is worth the investment if you are serious about wheat free cooking.


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