Karimah Bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain, Qualified Clinical Nutritionist.
Let’s leave behind the Lego Land mentality and take things to a more holistic level in all things, not just food, but it’s food my specialty, so its food I’ll speak with. I notice my metaphors normally are with food or cuisine cooking.
Anyways as part of my Sha’aban, the month before Ramadhan preparation and getting things sorted mentality, physically and spiritually, I am having a bit of a paradigm shift and would encourage you to do the same.
We have been indoctrinated to only accept fruit and vegetables that are a standard size, standard colour and standard smell .Anything else is less than or abnormal, we have been brain washed to become food fascist. Its really sad this supermarket form of food discrimination, I know of a farmer who has machine that weighs and measure the size of cucumbers and anything that doesn’t measure up is rejected and ends up in the market . Now with my rational head on I know that part of it is to do with storage and odd sizes would make things more difficult to store, however when it gets to the point where scientist are in labs messing round with genetics of my tomatoes, to make sure they all come out the same size, this is the point where things need to stop! So I shop in the market, in the everyday, on the corner market and the farmers market and occasionally for cat litter in the supermarket, for those things that I can’t get for cash on the street.
I would just like to show you what I bought today in West London, UK, for those complainers that say “eating healthy is expensive”.
Let’s go!

Market Fruits Are Cheaper
Market Fruits Are Cheaper

£1 – 8 lemons
£1- 2 mangoes , spots on skin
£1- 2 melons skin uneven
£1-1 punnet of lovely tasty tiny tiny strawberries, good things like strawberries , come in small packages.
£1-12 bananas with brown spots are better for you that pale yellow ones.
£1-4 avocados that have different coloured skin and may have fibres inside when you cut them but these fibres are good for you.
I would have bought more but I didn’t have enough money on me, alhmdulilah.This is enough to make loads of breakfast smoothies for all the family for days.
All school children have a mid morning break before lunch break .You can give them something solid to eat then like sandwich, they do not have to eat big food at breakfast and a rich smooth banana based smoothies is a quick nutritious way to start the day for all the family. There are lots of recipes on our pages, so go on mum, give it ago

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