By Karimah bint dawoud, Islamic Nutritionist.
Sha’aban is the month before Ramadan that we are in now.its a month of preparation for Ramadan blessing, its a month of sorting out, weeding stuff out mentally , spiritually and physically.It’s a time to look  at habits that we have in excess like drinking 10 cups of coffee a day .There are much more healthy things one can drink to stimulate energy in the body without a potential heart attack or ragged nerves, that’s another recipe post so look out!

Cut out Coffee
Cut out Coffee

Start cultivating good habits now, not when Ramadhan starts. It’s worth thinking about cut down or giving up your tea and coffee now. As much as your stomach maybe tough like a rough or your nerves can take the 10 coffees you drink a day, you will probably get withdrawal symptoms when we start fasting. Studies have shown that 50% of people who stop tea and coffee get withdrawal symptoms and of those 13% get symptoms that are so severe that they need to stop work. Just imagine how this will affect your overall fasting and worship ?So to maximize your Ramadhan, please think about cutting it down then out now, barakallah feekum Please do not drink de-caf, its worse for you than original coffee because it’s gone through more processes.Try dandelion coffee or barley cup instead.

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms vary in type and severity from person to person. These are common caffeine withdrawal symptoms:
Chills and/or hot spells
Decreased alertness
Depressed mood
Difficulty concentrating or thinking
Digestive issues (usually constipation, but sometimes also nausea and / or vomiting)
Fatigue, lethargy and / or sleepiness
Headaches, ranging from moderate to severe, and usually starting behind the eyes before spreading
Irritability (moderate to extreme) and restlessness
Insomnia (Although it seems counterintuitive, this can be an issue for some people!)
Muscle stiffness and / or pain
Sinus issues (usually blocked sinuses or cold-like symptoms)

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms…do you really want to be experiencing this in the first few days of Ramadan?

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  1. Abdeslam Aarab says:

    Baraka Allah feeki Sister Karimah, as we always expect from you, your dedication and hard work, your support and contribution to Islam and Muslim Ummah will insha Allah be your witness Masha Allah. May Allah protect you and give you strength and help you to achieve the very best.
    Very interesting article indeed, I am sure our brothers and sisters will benefit from it. I will insha Allah post a copy in our Mosque notice board.
    Jazak Allah Khair

    1. jazakumallahkhayr brother

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