Quranic Foods – Camel Biryani Recipe

As salam alaikum, the Quran was revealed by Allah in 1409 CE, 609 years ago.It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, salah la alahi wa salem,in Saudia Arabia. The Quran was revealed from Allah via the angle Jibreel(alaihi wa salem)to Prophet Muhammad who was 40 years old at the time.
The following is an extract from my new book ” sacred Sunnah Super Foods, an Illustrated Guide to Quranic Foods”

English: camel

Arabic: ibl or jamal

camel marinade curry
This blessed animal is mentioned over ten times in the Quran, demonstrating the importance that Allah gave to it. Beautiful, intelligent and sensitive; the camel is respected in Arabic and Islamic culture. The Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wa salam) let his intelligent camel choose where he would stay once the Muhaijroon arrived in Madina, Saudia Arabia. Some camels are only good for transporting luggage as their stride is not fit for human carriage; others are prized more than a thorough bred stallion for their ability to bear the human burden as fast as lightening over oceans of desert sand.
SURAH/CHAPTER 7: AYAH/VERSE 73 Surat Al-Araf, The Heights
“And to Thamûd (people, We sent) their brother Sâlih (Saleh). He said: “O my people! Worship God! You have no other Ilâh (God) but Him. Indeed there has come to you a clear sign (the miracle of the coming out of a huge she-camel from the midst of a rock) from your Lord. This she-camel of God is a sign unto you; so you leave her to graze in God’s earth, and touch her not with harm, lest a painful torment should seize you”

.camel meat raw
Today we are fasting becasue it is Ashura Passover Pesach,  and we are using camel meat as it’s one quranic food haven’t eaten before.
I noticed that the camel meat is very tender in it’s raw state ,more tender than beef  and not as fatty as lamb.
We are using the biryani recipe from my first book 💖💛💚”Heavenly Bites, the best of Muslim home cooking “ but omitting yoghurt from the marinade out of respect for kosher laws and Jews that are also fasting today.
Adding a little ACV apple cidar vinegar to the marinade spices to help tenderize the #meat .
The book is available from @Kube publishing who will post it anywhere in the world🌍


camel meat heavenly bites


if you don’t have all the ingredients, work with what you have got

  • 2 lbs/1 kilo camel meat  cut into small pieces & washed and drained of water






  • Grind together the following 1 ingredients in processor to make paste/masala/ marinade

salt , green chillies,  garlic pasteginger paste , chopped mint leaves , chopped coriander leaves , tomatoes, coriander powder , cumin powder ,chilli powder , ground cloves , cinnamon

  • Mix the spices, garlic, ginger and vinegar with the large piece of camel meat and leave in covered bowl for at least 2 hours in fridge or cold place(less than 10 degrees Celsius). I usually prepare this the day before to get that really succulent deeply spiced flavour.
  • After the meat has been marinating for at least 3 hours you are ready to begin cooking the biriani
  • Soak rice in 6 cups of water and set aside
  • Then add 1 pinch saffron  to 4oz/ ½ cup of milk  and let the milk become infused with the saffron. And set aside.
  • On a medium heat add the ghee in a large sauce pan and add the cashew nuts, cinnamon, crushed cardamom and cloves.
  • Fry for 30 seconds constantly stirring so that ghee becomes infused with the spices and nuts turn golden and add the sliced onion.
  • When the onions turn transparent, add the marinated meat and sauce (yogurt, spices etc that it’s been marinating in) to the same saucepan and without adding any water, cook the meat on medium heat till the meat is completely done. This means stirring frequently to stop the meat sticking the bottom and so that the moisture in the marinade will evaporate as biriani is a dry style curry dish not wet and saucy. This will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on whether you use chicken or lamb, chicken cooking faster.
  • Set aside on heat proof surface like the draining board.
  • Meanwhile rinse  the rice again  and drained through sieve, place in saucepan and cover with enough cold water to cover the rice – one finger tip above the rice(about 2cm).Cook on high heat for 5 minutes and turn down low and cover  for 5 minutes.
  •  Turn heat off and take off lid other wise it will continue steam cooking.
  • Take a cup of cooked rice out and mix with the saffron/milk in a bowl-Now randomly mix this coloured rice with the rest of the cooked rice, so that you get streaks of saffron in the rice.
  • At this stage you could add frozen mixed vegetables to add some extra roughage and vitamins to the dish.
  • In a deep oven-safe bowl or large saucepan with metal handles (something that will fit in the oven and is oven safe) pour in the rice and spread to cover the entire bottom of the vessel.
  • Pour the meat mixture on top and spread evenly.
  • Cover the dish/saucepan with foil and a lid if available and bake for at least 1 hour minutes at 300°F/150C/ GAS 2
  • Remove and carefully tip out on to large serving plate so that rice and meat get mixed as you spoon it out.
  • Garnished with chopped coriander and mint leaves. This can be eaten with a variety of  salads…..this is so hard while I am fasting alhamdulilair it’s nearly zhur time I can seek refuge in Allah from my desires

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