as salaam alaikum brothers and sisters,
I would ask you to ponder and reflect on this point and image, thank you
I am sometimes asked where in Islam does it talk about temperaments of people.
The temperament of a person is their nature, their personality,their behavior. I feel that there is wisdom about this in Arabic text that has not be translated as of yet, into English and sadly my Arabic is not very good but by the grace of Allah I am blessed with perception and the ability to see the bigger picture.
We clearly see the very different temperaments of Abu Bakr (ra) and Umar Al Kitab ( ra).
I propose that if the different temperaments of foods are spoken about by the prophet Muhammad , salahlahu alayhi wa salem, then humans must also have different temperaments too .
We were created from the earth just like all fruits, plants and animals so surely we have different temperaments like them, we eat them and their properties are spoken about by Prophet Muhammad of how they an effect on our body.
temperament melon and dates text

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