As salam alaikum, the Quran was revealed by Allah in 1409 CE, 609 years ago.It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, salah la alahi wa salem,in Saudia Arabia.

The Quran was revealed from Allah via the angle Jibreel(alaihi wa salem)to Prophet Muhammad who was 40 years old at the time.

Herbage is one of the sacred foods  Allah mentions in The Quran.

The following is an extract and illustration is  from my new book ” sacred Sunnah Super Foods, an Illustrated Guide to Quranic Foods”

herbage small

English: Herbage
Arabic: Abban or qadban قَضْبًا
Herbage is defined as edible plants, fodder, nutritious plants or vegetation. Herbs and herbage can be divided into different categories. Herbs are normally smaller medicinal culinary plants, whereas herbage is large edible parts of plants like carrot and beetroot tops as well as cabbage and lettuces that grow above ground. In Islamic medicine, particular grasses like cress “hurff” are mentioned as rememdy.
One of the major uses of plants and herbs is for healing purposes; in Africa, India and Asia, more so than anywhere else, the population has retained the tradition of seeking healing by herbal means. The knowledge of these healing powers have been transmitted from generation to generation.
“Herbage vegetables” like cabbage, callaloo, cauliflower, celery, chard, chicory, collard, dandelion, fennel, kale, lettuce, pak choi and spinach are eaten in larger quantities for their leaves. Edible fleshy roots of vegetables can also be eaten when their tops are green, like carrot, beetroot and radish among others.
SURAH/CHAPTER 80: AYAH/VERSE 28, 31 Sūrat ʻAbasa (He frowned)

“And grapes and herbage” [80:28]
“And fruit and grass” [80:31]

herbage small winter 2018

I quickly coloured this is in , using one of the colour stories of this autumn fashionable interior design palettes.

My new nutritional therapeutic colouring  book contains quotes from the classical scholars As Suyuti(ra) and Iben Jawzziyah (ra) regarding the medicinal uses of the foods as well as cutting edge nutrition advice, that compliments the quran and classical scholars, from myself a qualified clinical nutritionist.

” Sacred Sunnah Super Foods, an Illustrated Guide to Quranic Foods”, is only available from  Karimah’s Cuisina. The first limited edition is doing well alhmdulilah rabeel ameen.

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