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Sage -Sheikhs Secret Tea

HERBS – SAGE By Karimah Bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Well Being Writer. SAGE…ANTI-OXIDANT, ANTI INFLAMATORY, GOOD FOR BRAIN, GOOD FOR SORE THROATS,VITAMIN K, VITAMIN A. Sage…Sheikh’s Secret Tea   I hate to admit it but my memory is not … Continue reading

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  This post is about technique not about nutrients. It’s an suggestion for a practical way to use herbs thats are great for strengthening bones from the inside out. This is an area that is new to me  and insha’allah … Continue reading

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Sorrel Tea…Immune System Boost

Sorrel and Ginger Tea……is what is needed right now for this sneezey, dizzy vomiting bug.Why? Because Sorrel strengthens the immune system, though may make you vomit when drunk on an empty stomach.   Some of the health benefits of sorrel … Continue reading

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MILK…The Facts

MILK…Although milk is mentioned in the Quran and other Sacred Scriptures, most of the milk we drink today is full of growth hormones ,anti-biotics and from unloved cows.. It is not actually a great source of protein and spinach , … Continue reading

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I have had salad spinners before and given them away however I come to realize  how useful they are for spinning washed herbs as well as salad leaves. Herbs can be washed spun and chop, then placed in sandwich bags … Continue reading

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INVEST IN YOURSELF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! Ooooh fighting your lower nature is not easy, appetite is part of our animal instinct, and it’s a survival instinct. I really want some fried greasy refine carb breakfast like a fried egg … Continue reading

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