Sorrel Tea…Immune System Boost

Sorrel and Ginger Tea……is what is needed right now for this sneezey, dizzy vomiting bug.Why? Because Sorrel strengthens the immune system, though may make you vomit when drunk on an empty stomach.
Sorrel Tea
Sorrel Tea
Some of the health benefits of sorrel include its ability to boost eyesight, improve digestion, build strong bones, increase circulation, increase energy levels, help prevent cancer, reduce certain skin conditions, lower blood pressure, increase appetite, slow the aging process, protect against diabetes, strengthen heart health, and improve kidney health.
You can buy sorrel from African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean shops, either as fresh red flowers or dried red flowers.
Place a hand full in a small pot of boiling water .Add fresh chopped ginger and boil for another 5 minutes.Leave to cool for 5 minutes, then pour and strain and add honey.
Do not drink before bed as it can be a diurectic and you might be up all night weeing.

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