We have been too busy out and about with our usual taking food to the needy at the men’s hostel and then almost six month ago Grenfell Tower Fire happened. It’s right on our doorstep, it’s our community and one of our volunteers lost 4 members of her immediate family in the fire so this is very personal.

We have cook healthy halal  and vegan food and taken to funeral gatherings,hotels and drop in center of Grenfell victims and we are still doing it as well as our usual run to the men’s hostel where there are vulnerable men who have just come out of prison, drug and alcohol rehab or were homeless before .

image2 (21)

The reason we moved off the street and started taking food to the hostel, is there is so much is going on in Central London, the Strand , it’s a Mekka  for homeless , especially Eastern European immigrants and loads of groups take them food, we did our bit, we were one of the first groups to go there.

One of our volunteers made us aware of this hostel and they had really been forgotten about as they told us we’re  the only ones who take them food part from a Rasta baker man, God bless him.

We have our Environmental Health Food Hygiene Certificates and I’m a qualified Nutritionist, so lets go!

Last night we tool 24 meals to  Grenfell Assistance Centre and 60 meals to the hostel, alhmdulilah

We  were at it again, we strive to go every week  We have wonderful team of volunteers and this week was not exception. We started peeling onions , ginger and garlic, Thursday and put it in the freezer to be used the next day, soaked the quick cook brown rice  from Aldi and lentils, Friday morning and made the curry sauce. This time we were given chicken from Nandos via Plan Zheroes,charity food distribution service, but we always make sure our veggies friend have something too .

image3 (14).jpg

“v” for vegan.

We use really good ingredients always start with olive oil, also from Aldi, we have the receipts baby xxx


feed the need hajj 2017 qurbani

Here’s a snap shot of the last two days.

image8 (2)

The service users are regular helpers when we get there.Its all transported in insulated bags to keep the food really hot to avoid contamination

image2 (22).jpg

Chicken from Nandos with brown rice and spices, frozen mixed

veggies and a  delicious spicy curry gravy

feed the need december hostel 2017.jpg

We have a little banter with them and insha’allah hope to take them some new clothes and hygiene packs soon

image5 (4)

They are happy bunnies maashallah! Seeing them happy makes us happy, alhmdulilah.

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