feed the need poster dec 2017as salam alaikum brothers and sisters, since launching this appeal three days ago , we have had such a good response, money donations jazakallah khayrun, hoodies companies that have new tops they will donate insha’allah and even brothers with nearly new good quality stuff they will give us, please help we need to collect, shop ,buy soon , to give them before Christmas, these are not Christmas presents, they are present from us at this time of the year where some vulnerable men in hostels get lonely and feel unloved, what can you do to help? jazakallahkhayrun

Please see what you can do. Alhamdulilah we already have received money donations , companies offering new tops and offered of nearly new men’s clothes. There are 120 men in the hostel Insha’allah we’re going to need a lot of wrapping paper . We are a registered non profit company,

We have a charity bank account with Nat West,

Karimahs Cuisina

Account 61933090

Sort Code 55-50-28

Reference SWEATER


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