As Salam alaikum WA rahmatulaahi WA barakatu, All brothers who intend to keep a decent body weight and energy through Ramadan, This smoothie is perfect for you inshaa’allah.

Brothers Suhour Smoothie
Brothers Suhour Smoothie

You will need a good blender. £26.99 £39.99 £79.99 £499×29974&tmad=c&tmcampid=73&kpid=230976036

I am not a fan of the Nutri bullet or any upside down blender, I am jugging blender person, less mess, bigger quantities, still if that’s what you have Alhamdulillah. Now you could maybe increase the quantities of ingredients and separate and freeze portions BUT with the fresh ingredients I wouldn’t save in fridge for more than a day. I normally make smoothie one day and save another portion for next day, following day just to avoid wasting a smoothie I forgot about.

INGREDIENTS Just researching, shop bought almond milk has so much less calories than homemade, normally for purposes of weight loss I would regulate thickness of homemade nut milks, and however for purpose of fasting, you boys need protein and calories to get you through the day.

Alpo Almond Milk 1 cup 60 calories x 2 cups =120 calories

And/or 1 cup of almonds. SOAK each day at least 8 hours before suhour

.1 cup of almonds has 826 calories.

1-2 bananas 100-200 calories, take skin off,

1 heap dessert spoon slippery elm powder, buy from Neal’s Yard or good health shop, not Holland and Barrat, the stock Thompson that mix white flour with slippery elm to extend it not good),

1 tsp turmeric,

1 tsp cinnamon,

2 cups or water or coconut water or apple juice. I used water or coconut water.

STIMULANTS if you are staying awake from fajr and not going back to sleep add 1 tbsp-30ml honey, 1 ” / 3 cm fresh root ginger and 3 heap tea spoons of raw black cumin seeds Place all ingredients in the blender Should you want a personalized Ramadhan Nutrition Plan , I am manged by Nadine Khan at 1st Witness Management,please contact her we can do over the phone or Skype consultations

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