This detox dairy is not about quick weight loss of shocking the body out of the over dose of alcohol or fatty rich food eaten over the winter  seasons. The reason for this detox diary is to raise awareness of the growing number of illnesses that are under the umbrella of auto immune disease and how detoxing our bodies  by long term life style changes will help combat these illnesses.This dairy is about empowering you to mold your future starting with your mind body and soul

I am not able to write much to day but I will say this,

”Stick to the healthy routine, water lemon, apple cidar vinegar and honey or whatever type of herb tea and honey that suits your body, then fruit  and or smoothie, watch the temptations throughout the day and if you really must have starchy carbs have them before 2pm (unless you are looking to put on weight )so you will burn them up for bed”.

Do you exercises, even if it just some stretches

That’s all but just to let you know I’m reading this interesting book,

the immune epidemic

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