“Repetition is  the key to knowledge”

“Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.”

“Practice makes perfect” 

These sayings all sound very well but when you are feeling down and out, and life seems like a ball of string wrapped up like spaghetti, it sometimes seems hard to make a start so why bother? When you have reached that point where you know you have to make a start somewhere you have arrived at a great place because you have arrived at t place where you want to change.  That’s fantastic.

Islamically Allah love s small deed done consistently narrated by Bukhari and Muslim hadith.

Good deeds have to be for self-first, prayer doesn’t benefit Allah, it benefits self, meditation doesn’t benefit the higher power, it benefits self, self has to be in balance for more good to flow through it and from it.

So let’s start with small good habit s for self


When we raise ourselves from the dead, when we rise from sleep in the morning, after brushing our teeth from the toxins that have accumulated from the sleeps naturally detoxing action, we need to drink water or water infused with something complete naturally. Water conducts electricity and we are electromagnetic circuits

I drink water and lemon, someone said it’s an Islamic Sunnah, I don’t know about hat and would be open to evidence, but I do know that it’s a good way to start the day.

lemon and water  tex

Then I have a herb tea with honey, apple cidar vinegar with honey or chai masala minus the milk or any kind and dairy. We all really need to educate ourselves more about herbs and spices. The Creator  provided them not just to make curry taste nice but for medical reasons.

Accordingly to Islamic medicine  ibn al Jawziyyah, “it is said that this is a guidance for the person of astute mind,  he who drinks an electuary, meaning a herbal tea infused with honey for at least three mornings a month, then he won’t fall ill.”

Brain, Mind Tea
Brain, Mind Tea

I would tend to disagree slightly bearing in mind the time we live in now, environmentally factors like masses of toxins in the air, toxins in food and excesses use o pharmaceutical drugs, one would be wise and astute of mind in the 21st century to drink a herbal tea with honey every morning where possible.

Then S-T-R-E-T-C-H


What starts good ends good, that what they say in Morocco. This routing applied daily will inshallah raise your consciousness and awareness of  what you put in your body and on your body.

It will inshallah also develop your mind and soul as you begin to clear out the old toxic ways that you used to start your day.

May Allah make it easy for us ALL to purify our mind body and soul ameen




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