Healthy halal and vegan sauces to layer with whole meal lasagna in Shaa Allah today…but that’s not all …no way. We prepared the sauces last night and are still at it right now, alhmdililah.Preparing food to take to hostel for men with mental health problems. We used to give out food in the Strand by the police station but it has become so overloaded with charities. Hostel and homeless and needy on the outskirts of city centres need to be remembered as well



Lentils soaking to go in #vegan sauce plus both will have,in Shaa Allah, mushrooms fried in butter with Swiss chard and cream sauce, topped with cheese.

As Muslims we are taught by Allah in the Qur’an,
“Don’t give in charity that which you wouldn’t accept with your eyes closed.” Alhamdulilah we set the bar high when it comes to #feedtheneed



#feedlondon #feedpoor #charity #homeless #homelessnessawareness

PayPal karimahscuisinaa@gmail.com

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