It was suggested to me , while we on umrah that I write another book about my life journey.
it is not an easy thing as this world , especially the non islamic world is full of haters, it is also difficult because i am going to have to describe what i look like instead of using pictures. That’s difficult because modelling about being paid to display your body, face and hair in a way that’s not islamic and so my waali advised me that i need to learn to be more descriptive….this is going to be uncomfortable because i’m not as in love with myself as some beautiful women are but if i’m not allowed to use pictures….

the sultan of brunei

this book is not for converted on the deen muslims, its for lost little girls with or without hijab that think being a model is all that and then some.

#fashion #fashionmodel #hijabista #glamourqueen #glamour #glamourouslife #mode #beauty #makeup #skincare #fashionbusiness #vogue #envogue #model #mannequin #clotheshorse

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