Dates Fast Fast Food

Al-Bukhaari (5445) and Muslim (2047) narrated from Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqaas that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever eats seven ‘ajwah dates in the morning, will not be harmed by any poison or witchcraft that day.”

dates hadith foto small

As salaam alaikum, good morning,  in Shaa Allah you’re well and blessed with steadfast Eman 💚

As Ramadhan is quickly approaching, we would be wise to stock up on dates.

Dates are fast fast food .
We eat them on the go, before training, in the way to work, on the way to school, in school, we take them when we visit the sick and much more.

Did you know that there’s more than one type of #date grown in madina? Please check out the beautiful page of @madinahdate and you will see…

they send dates or various textures and flavours, including #ajwa dates all around the world, direct from the farm.

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