Self Empowering You…

as salaam alaikum , sometimes we feel sad and beat ourselves up thinking that we are not good enough and that’s why we are not accepted or included. it is worth looking, thinking about the person, people or group who is excluding you, marginalizing you and look at their standard of how they manifest themselves and activities and you will sometimes find it is not that you are not good enough BUT they are not good enough for you. in their insecurity they will attempt to make you feel less than and even demonize you, it is actually very sad that any of us should stoop that low rather that celebrate, encourage acknowledge that we are out of our league…such is life on the plantain but i do know that things are often not what they seem…alhamdulilah i’m a Muslim… because my opinions are not clouded with drink or drugs, reading the Quran has enabled me to see what a good standard of behavior and manners is and use that in how I measure myself and others.

hijaab good enough work in progress



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  1. Syed Md Younus. Alias Md Omar. says:

    As salamo alaikum,yesterday I had sent u a messege,hope u would have received. If so pls let me know through my email , so that we can progress to know each other,inshaallah…Allah hafiz.

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