Ramadhan Reflections There is Still time for Self Empowerment and Improvement

As Salam alaikum


Today is day 19 and in shaa Allah tomorrow day 20 when we have another 9 or 10 days left of this blessed month of Ramadhan.
It is about this point, 2/3 of the way through that we realise that everything bad in our lives right now is because of us. We are all going through various different trails and mine is food and the effect it has on the body, my body and others who suffer similar illnesses.
I have been fasting one day on and one day off because of my health issues and mainly breaking fast outside because of being so busy during the day, mainly in the service of others and not in the service of myself. You might think that is good.
I break fast with wonderful brothers and sisters,I love the coming together but the food on offer in most cases is mediocre and not very healthy. One sister said I should be lucky because there are people who don’t have food. Yes that true but not in our ummah in the UK, we are spoilt for choice, it’s that we make bad choices, given the vast of array that Allah has given us to choose from especially in London.
If I eat out then I can blame others and not myself for the excesses of white flour, fat and sugar, that all make my fibromyalgia and psoriasis worse, much worse.
But it is my choice , my lack of planning, my lack of making time for myself that has really got me into trouble in the last few weeks.


make it take it break it

The solution is to take control, take responsibility and I have had to into the last few days be my number 1 client. I have had sisters telling me to rest and not feel guilty and get better.
I spoke with a closer friend and she told me that at Regents Park Mosk, many sisters take food that they have made and share, now that would suit me, and in shaa Allah that what I intend to do. we cannot rely on others, especially food providers, to be conscious of wheat free, lactose free, vegan if that what our health demands. We have to take control of what is being made, take it and break fast with others, nurturing ourselves and in doing so showing others and let them have a taste of things to come in shaa Allah


The body has rights over us. The prophet Muhammad, salah la alaihi wa salem, told this to the young Abdullah (ra) the son of Umar Al Kitab (ra).

For those of us who are carers of others, it is vital that we take time, and make time, to look after ourselves and get what we need. 

As sistars, mainly in charge of the kitchen , it is vital that we used these last few days to get rid of old eating habits  and implement new ones.


Ramadhan is the best time to break old unhealthy patterns.

 Ask Allah to forgive you for abusing your body.

Ask Allah to help you create a healthier way of living in shaa Allah 

Chocolate , cakes and biscuits  will make your children hyper, then crash with tiredness.These things are alright at wedding for example where the children have loads of space to run around, but not in the mosk during tarweekh and not at home if you have a small flat.

Research this blog for things like smoothies and electrolyte drinks to replace toxic sugar filled fizzy drinks which are empty calories meaning they have no nutritional value.

Replace white rice with brown rice, just soak it in the morning for easy cooking its so much better for your growing children brains because it contain mineral  that are not in white rice.

And last but not least , more salads, especially with green leaves to give your body that alkaline necessary to balance all the acid forming food we eat like bread, meat, samosas, fried foods, cakes, chocolate, crisps

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