The Quran says Surah Chapter 76(the mankind) verse 8,
“And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive,”


tehreem poster 27th may 2018 text
Alhamdulilah all praise is due to Allah, we had a great feed the need last night, feeding around 100 people large portions of brown rice with spices and vegetable with either a halal meat curry or bean curry,

feed the need ramadan 2018 packing food
It takes us two days to prepare as we soak the rice and lentils the day before to make for easy cooking and make the sauce the day before as well, the day of the delivery we cook the rice and pack and take out the food.

feed the need ramadan 2018 elder eating our food a
There are all sorts of people that are in need of food, from Romanian Gypsies to old white English men.

It is a really nice feeling seeing people enjoying your food as any cook knows, homeless people are needy not starving, so it is good to give them something nice.Muslim we are told by Allah in the Quran to give something good

feed the need ramadan 2018 all eating our food

Last but not least, a big barak alahfeeku may Allah bless our amazing volunteers ameen

feed the need ramadan 2018 ibrahim, wife, rudolph volunteeers

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