I seek refuge in Allah from shatan the outcast. This is for the sake of Allah.
From research and studying prior to Islam for my Fine Art degree, slides of my work in the Schomberg Centre in Malcolm X Boulevard, Harlem, NYC and Women’s Artist Slide Library, London… I realized that some women have taken the woman as goddess thing to far. I researched ancient matriarchal societies that are still being used as social templates by women and men today that were no better than patriarchal societies; in the past annual sacrificing and cannibalizing of men who had been the consort to the queen.


Aspects of pre-Islamic societies in Makkah were polyandrous matriarchal where one woman had maybe 10 possible fathers for her child and through the process of divination a father was elected for the child. However with hindsight we can see that this is not accurate or correct.

Personally I think there has to be unity between male and female, not in the stereo typical westernize non Islamic way, where men and women are divided into an either or state of mind. For example “you are good typical women if you are quiet, clean, passive, dependent and submissive”. In reality these are the qualities one might look for in a cleaner or home help. According to outdated Westernized status quo stereo types that some of us Muslims seem to love , a man should be “aggressive, dominant, insensitive”…hmmm sounds like a job description for a mercenary(private paid soldier).
Contrary to this, in Islam, men and women should strive as individuals to become balanced human beings .Balanced in mind body and soul .Balanced and dynamic ,cultivating wide range of passive and assertive characteristics. This can be done by referring to the 99 names of Allah and the example of the prophet Muhammad, salah la alaihi wa salem, as a role model whether you are male or female. Through that process, learning to recognize other dynamic human beings and having loads of mutual respect when they get together. Please let me make it clear, I do not approve of mixed gender toilets, etc.
This piece is about individual male and females working on becoming more individual dynamic individuals that are remain heterosexual.
As a sister, if you do not take the prophet, salah la alaihi wa salem, as a serious example to follow, the best example to follow, you will be lost; you will not be achieving your full potential. If you are not truely following him, then what are you following? Please this question deserves a moment of reflection and pondering…
What do we mean by balanced human being?
In Islamic medicine there are 4 basic temperaments; sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic, where one of these humors is more dominant than the rest, in the personality. This is determined by the excess of blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. These things determine the temperament of the person, male or female, not westernize status quo 2 categories of male versus female personalities.
The dichotomy of aggressive or passive, loud or quiet, controller and controlled, this is not the Islamic way of looking at things, it is an satanic system that seeks to divide and rule individuals within themselves, that seeks to divide families and communities. At this point I have to say Westernized because in Indian culture; the Ayurveda medicine system also has this awareness of temperaments and the Greeks use to have this knowledge. Maybe the Chinese have this knowledge, I need to research their medicine more. Learning should be an ongoing process for everyone not just children.

Over the next few weeks Insha’Allah will prepare a khutbah on this topic. Until next time it would be wonderful for us all to study the 99 names of Allah and see what strengths in our character that we have been blessed with that relate to the attributes of Allah. When you see this strength in your character, take note, write it down, there are so many wonderful qualities that you have that you do not even realize. Most importantly thank Allah for this portion of good quality that you have been blessed with. If you are struggling with this exercise please inbox me brothers and sisters…I do not lead the prayers.

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