Recently the Health Ranger wrote an article on preparing ourselves for the collapse of the age of delusion and set a challenge in that he said most people are too weak minded to give up wheat sugar and cheese.

It was Ramadhan at the time I read this and with longs days and short night , it was a a bit to much to start doing that at the time but Ramadhan being a time of contemplation pondering and reflection I set my mind to thinking about this challenge and starting a Facebook support group.
As people of Faith , would should be able to overcome these lower desires of the appetite.

We think that going on DEMON-strations will change the situation in Palestine but some of us are too weak willed to even change our selves let alone change any nations poly-tricks. Please lets meditate deeply about what slaves we are to our taste buds, over coming these desires will have a ripple effect in our lives and the people around us, being concious when we go out and refusing food because we are on this challenge will give dowa in many ways, please think about this and believe…..

I was warned over 5 years ago after a blood test while having hijaama to give up wheat because of my joint problem and delicate stomach, my struggle with wheat has been an on /off battle, however this time, by Allah’s mercy, I am really going for it along with another 71 Facebook friends.

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Gluten is in wheat and wheat products
Yesterday I ate my last whole meal pitta bread before this challenge, we think whole meal is healthy and yes it is compared to white refined bleached processed flour but according to Islamic nutrition, the Prophet Muhammad, salah la alaihi wa salem, didn’t eat whole meal for more than 3 consecutive days, this was narrated by his wife Ayesha, radialahu anha, he had more sense. In those days white flour was more expensive because it was refined, these days the healthy stuff that is unrefined, less process, less cost is actually more expensive to buy, more profit margin but less sales because people are addicted like slaves, to white.
The prophet muhamd salah la laihi wa salem, never ate white flour, never.

Narrated Abu Hazim: I asked Sahl bin Sad, “Did Allah’s Apostle ever eat white flour?” Sahl said, “Allah’s Apostle never saw white flour since Allah sent him as an Apostle till He took him unto Him.” I asked, “Did the people have (use) sieves during the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle?” Sahl said, “Allah’s Apostle never saw (used) a sieve since Allah sent him as an Apostle until He took him unto Him,” I said, “How could you eat barley unsifted?” he said, “We used to grind it and then blow off its husk, and after the husk flew away, we used to prepare the dough (bake) and eat it.” Sahih Bukhari and Tirmidhi . Authorised Sahih by sheikh Albani, raheem Allah.

WHEAT INFLAMMES YOUR BRAIN…There are three inherent dangers in the chemistry of wheat that make it a classic destroyer of health. In this post we are going to look at just one of them, digest it and then insha’allah I’ll post the rest.
By Tunde Fabunmi (beeconservation@yahoo.com)

Wheat contains gluten – a protein that causes inflammation, a systemic process that has harmful effects across all the organ systems in the body including the brain, heart, joints, eyes and digestive tract. As a matter of fact, inflammation does not only precede all degenerative diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke, glaucoma, arthritis and Parkinson’s disease, but also fuels their insidious progression. A review paper in the New England Journal of Medicine listed 55 diseases that can be caused by eating gluten-containing foods. The diseases include osteoporosis, anemia, cancer, canker sores, fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The paper also linked gluten to many psychiatric and neurological diseases including depression, schizophrenia, dementia, nerve damage, epilepsy and autism. The paper concluded that there are 120 or more diseases associated with eating foods that contain gluten. Dr. Joseph A. Murray, MD states that he is surprised how often gluten affects the brain. Another study by Dr .J. Robert Cade, MD of the University of Florida showed that people with autism and schizophrenia have high level of peptides in their urine. These peptides, according to Dr. Cade, come from casein (protein in milk and other dairy products) and gliadin and gluten in wheat, barley, oats and rye
It is a myth that you need milk diary cheese for your calcium intake which is good for bones, seriously if you diet it too acidic from too much meat, wheat and lack of greens it will not absorb the calcium anyway

We are now in the time of preparation because we start tomorrow inshallah.

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