SMOOTHIE IDEAS – Fig and Banana :)

Making Smoothies and juices is fun, its creative, its experimental.

Fig & Banana Smoothie
Fig & Banana Smoothie

This one is good for break-fast , especially if your stomach is a bit sensitive like mine.This smoothie is great for people who are not used to green smoothies, its gentle on the stomach and good for your brain and joints.

The other day I bought some figs, nostalgic memories of being in Algarve,Portugal, but what to do with them?


3 figs 

2 bananas

15ml chia seeds soaked over night

30 ml flax seeds soaked over night

500ml filtered /bottles water


Soak seeds overnight

Wash and peel bananas and place in blender

Wash and half figs with skin on and place in blender

Pour seeds plus their jelly like water in blender and top up water to make it 500 ml all together

Blend and enjoy.

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